Buy Website Traffic

Prevent Click Fraud And Increase Brand Safety

We give you direct access to the millions of real visitors currently available on our large network. Your ads will be shown to the visitors you choose by selecting from our extensive list of detailed targeting options.


Choose your bid

The Danari Media network is a real time bidding environment where you are in direct competition with all of our buyers. The highest bid wins the top placement and the top placement gets the best exposure. You choose your maximum bids based on your ROI and volume requirements.


Who will see my Ad?

Have your content shown on thousands of popular search and niche websites. Your ads will be distributed within our exclusive network of agencies and direct publisher websites. Each unique source of traffic will contain an identifier which we can use to customize the targeting.


No minimum buy

Unlike many other networks we do not require a minimum buy. We recommend that your buy is the right size for you to gain enough intelligence to evaluate the traffic performance on your website. We can then optimize your account to lock in the performance and start scaling up.


Fraud prevention

At Danari Media we take fraud prevention seriously. We run all our clicks through accredited third party detection services to ensure the lowest suspicion level possible. You can customize your requirements to ensure you are receiving the best possible quality for your campaign.


Performance & Analytics

Understanding traffic performance is a key to success. Our platform can integrate directly with your analytics service and automatically optimize based on important metrics and thresholds. In addition our team will manually evaluate and optimize your account on a regular basis.



From within our advanced admin interface you can configure your campaign targets down to a granular level. You can target by keywords, geographic regions, device, operating system, browser types, traffic sources, days of the week, times of the day, telecom carrier, and much more.

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